The Eagle Flyer

2017-2018 Staff

Malala Sapini


Malala Sapini, for 3 years, has been in journalism for as long as he’s been attending TCCS. He enjoys reading, quoting, and learning through his experience and the experiences of his mentors and role models. With his hobby of...

Gretchen Ferguson


Gretchen Ferguson has been at Tri City Christian School for 16 years, yes that is a lot she knows, and has been apart of the print journalism team for two years as well as the broadcast journalism team for one year. She enjoys ...

Paul Prelle


Mr. Prelle, has been teaching at Tri-City Christian school since 2015. During that time he has taught High School Multimedia and, as of 2017, Broadcast Productions. He is married and has two children. In addition to teaching, Mr. P...

Joshua Fredrick


Joshua Fredrick has been in Broadcast for one year, and at Tri-City for 4 years. Outside of school, he enjoys mountain biking, making videos, and experimenting with technology, such as flying his drone. He has always been fascinate...

Elise Wojnowski


Elise Wojnowski has been attending Tri-City for 4 years and has been a part of yearbook, journalism, and broadcast since freshman year. She loves hummus and anything sweet. Her hobbies include dancing, surfing, eating food, and...

Leah Vanderheiden


Leah has been in broadcast journalism for one year, and yearbook for one year. She has attended Tri-City for three years. She enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, and also loves singing, playing the piano, and writing. Leah’...

Cam Williams


Cam just started his first journalistic class this year, 2018, in Broadcast and has gone to Tri-City for 6 years. Outside of school he likes to play video games, run, hangout with friends and family, and eat, and on the weekends he...

Sierra Palm


Sierra Palm has been in Broadcast for 1 year and has been attending Tri-City for 1 year.  Her hobbies include sports, eating food, and she loves music. Sierra thinks that the world is beautiful and that food is the best thing ...

Gabriella Jencks


Gabriella Jencks has been in a journalistic class for one year and has attended Tri-City Christian for four years. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family outside of school. If Gabriella can do one thing for a job, it is...

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