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Sunglasses: Do’s and Don’t’s

Tim Wolf, Senior Staff Reporter

May 28, 2014

Filed under Student Life

Sunglasses are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Mankind has found a way to shield their eyes from the sun, not mess up hair with a hat, and make people look ten times more stylish simply by making normal glasses shaded....

Don’t be a couch potato: 15 creative ways to enjoy your summer

Rita Baljian, Staff Reporter

May 20, 2014

Filed under Student Life

Summer is just around the corner, and although it is typically characterized as the 100 percent fun-filled time of the year, sometimes one finds themselves being bored or running out of things to do. Instead of sitting on the...

Beach survival 101

Rachael Balcom, Editor-in-Chief/ Back Page Editor

May 19, 2014

Filed under Student Life

The sun is sooo hot. The earth is roasting with beach anticipation, and summer is finally here! What is everyone going to do? FLOCK TO THE BEACH. But it’s not all fun and games. Going to the beach is serious business. There...

Movies for the Maker

Samantha Fokos, Staff Reporter

May 6, 2014

Filed under Student Life

Lately, it seems as if God has been all but pushed out of our culture. The music industry is dominated by profanity and indecent themes, and television promotes a lifestyle that deviates greatly from how a Christian should live....

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